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kBox 3

Today, we have proudly started shipping the kBox 3, the newest version of our versatile flywheel training device. Here, founder Fredrik Correa explains how the new kBox 3 will improve the experience for our users, based on his background as a professional coach.

Exxentric kBox 3With the kBox 3 we wanted to improve the user experience by making it even smoother to shift between exercises and users. It was already one of the most, if not the most, versatile multi-exercise devices on the market but that was something we wanted to improve even more.

A new automatic strap adjustment mechanism means that the tower is gone and replaced by a small lever the you can press with your foot. When pressed you can either pull out the strap or let it go and it will then be retracted. When the length is adjusted you just let the lever go and you can start working out. You still have the superior strap length compared to other devices and only need the extension strap for overhead exercises.

With the new strap adjustment feature you can shift from leg to upper body exercises in a second creating completely new routines with super-sets, circuit training and other High Intensity Training routines.

In addition, this change reduces the height of the kBox when packed for travel by 26%, resulting in a beneficial improvement of flexibility for coaches and athletes who take advantage of the unique portability of the flywheel training device.

A second big improvement is that the surface area is increased by 12.5%, without being larger in the base. In addition to the removal of the former strap adjustment tower, this change results in even more versatility and flexibility in the training. You can move around, go deeper in the squat or sit on the kBox without interfering with the tower. This will be very welcome not only to our taller users but to anyone that want to use the multi-exercise functionality with the kBox.

The third important change involves the re-designed foot supports to facilitate single legs squats and to give heel support for two-leg squats and patella and achilles tendinosis. These are so new that we haven’t even had time to make proper photos of them to show you yet.

We hope to set a new standard with the kBox 3 when it comes to flywheel multi-exercise devices. Going forward, we believe that coaches and users won’t accept a limited depth or range of motion in the exercises or that you have to bend down to pick up a rope or turn a knob to adjust length.

Today, we start shipping the first kBox 3 directly from our new and larger production facility, to meet the increasing demand in both quality and quantity.

Fredrik CorreaOur research and development section is never at rest, and we are eager to hear your thoughts on the design and functionality. Your feedback is what brought us here and we hope that you will help us to continue to improve. So if you have any thoughts, please contact us, or share them with us on Facebook or Twitter. Thanks in advance!

Eager clients have already pre-ordered the first week of production. If you are interested to get your hands (or feet) on the kBox 3, contact us or your local reseller today to request a demonstration or a trial. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Happy DOMS,

Fredrik Correa, M.D.

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