The Exxentric kMeter is our wireless science-based feedback system for flywheel training.

The kMeter system is developed specifically to accurately monitor power and energy as well as estimate force during flywheel training on the kBox. It is used by coaches and physiotherapists as well as directly by athletes and patients.

The system measures the rotation of the flywheel wirelessly with high accuracy and uses a smartphone app with a simple and accessible interface to present key training results, including:

  • Concentric and eccentric power
  • Range of motion
  • Force
  • Eccentric overload
  • Energy expenditure

The kMeter system consists of two parts: the wireless transmitter kMeter Module connected to the kBox, and a free to download app:

kMeter App

The kMeter App can be downloaded for free and installed by every user of a kBox equipped with the kMeter Module. Users can monitor the results directly on his or her mobile device and are able to save, browse, share or even export to excel for analysis.

Read more and download the app here.

kMeter Module

The only thing you need beyond the app is the kMeter Module, which is a Bluetooth transmitter that connects to the rotational sensor under the kBox and transmits the signal to your mobile devices.

The kMeter Module is easily installed and is battery powered for complete mobility and ease of use. It can be connected to an unlimited number of mobile devices, so each user of a kBox can keep track of their own development.

The kMeter Module is compatible with all kBox models that have a sensor connector installed.

Learn more about the kMeter Module here.

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