Mårten Fredriksson

Mårten FredrikssonWith a B.Sc. in Sports Science, Mårten Fredriksson is the Chairman and a co-founder of Exxentric.

Mårten studied Sports Science at the Swedish School of Sports and Health Science in Stockholm (GIH) with a focus on ice hockey, graduating as B.Sc. in Sports Science and Physical Education.

He has worked as an ice hockey coach for over 15 years with teams on the highest level and also participated at eight world championships and two Olympics (juniors/seniors/male/female) as strength & conditioning and video (tactical) coach.

Mårten’s daytime job is as a project manager at the Swedish Olympic Committé, and other current engagements include roles as a lecturer at GIH and instructor at its laboratory of applied sports science.

In his part-time work for Exxentric, Mårten likes to focus on engaging with clients active with seniors and emergency services.

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