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Curious about what others say about the kBox and Exxentric? Here is a selection of articles and podcasts about us.

Articles about Exxentric

Exxentric kBox4 Flywheel Training Review by Cooper Mitchell – December 20, 2017

Product Review: Exxentric KBox by Dr. Joel Seedman, Ph.D. – 2016

Svänghjulsträningen tar ny fart by Henrik Lydén [Swedish: page 1,  page 2] – July 2016

What every coach ought to know about flywheel training by Fredrik Correa -December 2014

How To Use the kMeter to Develop Eccentric Power by Carl Valle – 2014

kBox3 review by Drew Cooper – 2014


Articles featuring Exxentric

Want to be bionic? We have the technology by Paul Henderson – July 23, 2018

 Moderner, aber es bleibt eine Schinderei by Adrian Ruch – June 28, 2018

See Kate Upton Crush Her ‘Leg Day’ Workout While Watching Her Fiancé’s Baseball Game by Julie Mazziotta – September 28, 2017

 Kate Upton Is Catching Heat From Gym Rats For This Workout Video by Gus Turner – August 21, 2017

Eccentric Training and The Younger Athlete by James Baker – July 2016

Power of Inertial Training: A Case for the Substitution of Core Barbell Lifts with Flywheel Resistance by Paul Cater, MSc, CSCS – October 2015

“Sniped” – The war on hamstring injuries, Part 3 by Brian Guilmette, CSCS, SCCC – JULY 30, 2015

6 Sure-fire Eccentric Exercises to Build (and Re-build) Athletic Monsters by Carl Valle – 2015

Epic Speed Training Interview with Chris Korfist by Joel Smith – 2015

5 Drills to Improve Vertical Force and Run Really Fast by Chris Korfist – 2015

My Love Affair with the Bulgarian Split Squat by Chris Korfist – 2015

Is Inertial Training the Next Breakthrough in Athletic Performance? by Joel Smith – December 11, 2015


Interviews on

How the kBox Helps Dutch Physiotherapist Lotta Lafeber by Fredrik Correa – – September 29, 2015

“The Best Piece of Equipment I Have Come Across” with sprint coach Chris Korfist by Fredrik Correa – – September 29, 2014


Podcasts featuring Exxentric

Tyngre Träningssnack #142 [Swedish]: Jacob Gudiol and William Valkeaoja interviews Niklas Westblad – July 31, 2018

The Negative Splits Podcast #94: Glen Zdon and Bill Zdon interviews Sara Hall – June 14, 2018

Historic Performance Podcast #87: James Darley interviews Cody Roberts – April 5, 2017

Just Fly Performance Podcast #30: Joel Smith interviews Mike Young – January 10, 2017

Just Fly Performance Podcast #10: Joel Smith interviews Ryan Horn – August 5, 2016

Rugby Strength Coach Podcast #32: Keir Wenham-Flatt interviews Ryan Horn – July 24, 2016

Historic Performance Podcast #45: James Darley interviews Fredrik Correa – April 6, 2016

Tyngre Träningssnack #6 [Swedish]: Jacob Gudiol and William Valkeaoja interviews Fredrik Correa – December 15, 2015

Super Strength Show #106: Ray Toulany interviews Fredrik Correa – July 27, 2015


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