Elevation Blocks (2-pack)

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The Exxentric Elevation Blocks facilitate additional variations of exercises on the kBox4, valuable for athletes as well as patients. Moreover, they’re beneficial for maintaining the kBox in tiptop shape.

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These Elevation Blocks are primarily used for performing exercises from an elevated position, which allows for greater depth in different variations of squats, deadlifts and other movements. Moreover, the blocks could be stacked or used one at a time to simulate situations where you have to account for imbalances. As single pieces, these Elevation Blocks are also great for training your calves or supporting your heels during squats.


The Elevation Blocks are designed to be very durable and dense for extensive use on any kBox4 device as well as previous kBox models. They are produced from high-quality Ethylene Vinyl Acetate foam and their surface is covered with recycled eco-friendly rubber mats. Each block measures at 35 x 16 x 5 cm and the pair weighs around 1 kg.


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35 cm


16 cm


5 cm (single)


1 kg (per pair)


EVA foam


Squats, deadlifts, swings and other exercises requiring greater depth


kBox Pro, kBox Lite, kBox Active, kBox4, kBox3

SKU 19016