Accessory Rack

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One Accessory Rack or even a combination of them will surely provide Flywheel Training System owners with an optimal and efficient storage solution matching their setup.

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A fully equipped flywheel training can contain a multitude of accessories, and keeping them in order is important for maintaining an efficient training routine. With at least one of these Accessory Racks you can keep everything in one place, ready for quick transitions between exercises. These racks can be just as effective in a professional strength training facility or physiotherapy clinic as well as in your garage or living room.

Each rack comes with quick and easy to follow assembly instructions. However please note that additional screws compatible with your wall will need to be acquired separately for the Wall Mounted variations.


These Accessory Racks were custom made for the Exxentric product line, with a capacity range to hold between 6 and 24 flywheels and from 4 to 14 hooks for other attachments.

Multiple Large Freestanding Accessory Racks can even be assembled back to back.

Additional information


Freestanding, Wall Mounted


Large, Small


115 cm (Freestanding, L), 78 cm (Freestanding, S), 110 cm (Wall Mounted, L), 61 cm (Wall Mounted, S)


62 cm (Freestanding, L), 47.3 cm (Freestanding, S), 110 cm (Wall Mounted, L), 11.5 cm (Wall Mounted, S)


42 cm (Freestanding, L), 31.1 cm (Freestanding, S), 8 cm (Wall Mounted, L), 8.5 cm (Wall Mounted, S)


20.5 kg (Freestanding, L), 6.3 kg (Freestanding, S), 4.7 kg (Wall Mounted, L), 1.6 kg (Wall Mounted, S)

Flywheel capacity

24 (Freestanding, L), 6 (Freestanding, S), 12 (Wall Mounted, L), 6 (Wall Mounted, S)