Flywheel Training Snowboarding

The kBox4 targets many important aspects of elite snowboarders’ strength and conditioning needs and is already used in training by Olympic athletes as well as national snowboarding teams.

The possibilities of flywheel training on the kBox highly correlate with the physiological requirements of competitive snowboarding, offering accessible training for eccentric strength, anaerobic capacity and training in sport-specific angles.


When going downhill and making turns, snowboarders have to absorb, hold and push really high loads with their lower body. What’s more, the ability to repetitively perform turns at high speeds will directly affect the athlete’s overall performance. Thus, having a strong lower body and being able to manage very high loads is key at the top level. 

By using large flywheels (i.e. high inertia) on the kBox, snowboarders can grind through really heavy concentric and eccentric sets with a constant load in a full, or sport-specific limited range of motion, and build strength and muscle mass.

The ergonomic design of the harness allows athletes to unload their spine in a sport-specific position during squats and also work side to side to mimic the movement and angles of snowboarding.


The versatility, efficacy and mobility of the kBox are three key reasons why pro snowboarders choose to incorporate kBox and flywheel training into their programming.

High-level snowboarding athletes who travel roughly half, or more, of the year, never know what kind of equipment they will have access to on the road. With the kBox, efficient and supporting sport-specific training is easier to bring than a pair of snowboards, building a gym wherever the athlete is.

Also, the kBox can be an ideal and powerful tool for post-activation potentiation at the top, just before a world championship race for example.


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kBox4 Active

Our entry level model for the serious personal trainer or demanding home user. The perfect tool in strength and rehabilitation at our lowest price point.

  • Entry Level Model
  • Holds 1-2 Flywheels
  • kMeter Compatible
  • Weighs 15 kg
  • Starting at €1 410 / $1 635
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kBox4 Lite

Offers the lowest weight and best portability which makes it perfect for frequent travel without compromising the training.

  • Enhanced Portability
  • Holds 1-4 Flywheels
  • Built in kMeter
  • Weighs 9.5 kg
  • Starting at €2 300 / $2 665
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kBox4 Pro

Our premium kBox model with the greatest versatility and largest performance area. It’s ideal for sports teams, premium fitness clubs and physiotherapy facilities.

  • Largest Performance Area
  • Holds 1-4 Flywheels
  • Built in kMeter
  • Weighs 15.5 kg
  • Starting at €2 990 / $3 465
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The kPulley2 is the ideal horizontal solution for improving strength by offering flywheel training for rotational and pull exercises.

  • Horizontal Model
  • Holds 1-2 Flywheels
  • Built in kMeter
  • Easy to assemble
  • Starting at €1 890 / $2 190
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