Local Taxes

Our published prices cover the complete cost of our products. In addition, you may be obliged to cover local taxes as an importer of goods, depending on your destination country.

European Union

For customers within Sweden, we are obliged to add Swedish value-added tax (VAT) of 25% to all prices.

Within the other European Union countries, we do not need to add any VAT for customers that have a valid EU VAT-number (including most companies). For customers without a valid VAT-number (including most private persons), we are obliged to add Swedish VAT of 25%.


United States

Our published USD prices include US customs duty.

Depending on local tax regulation, state authorities may require the customer to pay local sales tax.


Rest of the World

Outside the EU, we never need to add Swedish VAT, however the customer may be required by local authorities to pay customs duty and local sales tax.

For the local taxes, please consult with your local authorities, mentioning the Taric code 9506911000.



Resellers and Local Taxes

For orders placed directly with our resellers, the reseller often include local taxes in their prices. For detailed information, please consult directly with your local reseller.



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