kPulley Pro Attachment Kit

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The simple solution for enhancing the mobility of your kPulley Pro.

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Slide the adjustable straps through the brackets on the back of the kPulley beams and wrap them around a fixed object such as a rack, column, pole and etc. Make sure to use at least four straps; one at the top and bottom of each beam. You may have to combine straps to match the diameter of any wider fixed objects.

This is not a permanent mounting solution. Do not store the kPulley outside or leave it without any supervision.


The kit consists of four strong and durable adjustable straps, which are each 93 cm long.  However with extensive use the straps may be worn out and will require replacing.



4 adjustable straps


93 cm (each)


kPulley2 and kPulley Pro (recommended), kPulley1

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