VBT Sensor Kit

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The VBT Sensor Kit, based on the VBT Sensor from Enode Pro, is our alternative feedback solution for users who primarily rely on weight training and velocity based measurements to guide their progress.

The VBT Sensor Kit includes the VBT Sensor and the VBT Sensor Interface that connects the sensor to any Exxentric flywheel training device.

If you are already an owner of the VBT Sensor you can also order the VBT Sensor Interface separately here.

VBT Sensor Interface

VBT Sensor

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The VBT Sensor Kit is an alternative to the scientifically validated kMeter feedback system compatible with all our flywheel training devices. The VBT Sensor Kit allows you to track your flywheel training sessions and progress over time.

The VBT Sensor is attached to the Flywheel Knob of your Exxentric flywheel training device and enables the tracking of data by measuring the Flywheel rotations. It can accurately analyze your flywheel training data, recommend inertia to use based on daily readiness, and provide detailed movement insights.