Cover Mat

$ 60 excl. tax

The kBox Cover Mat is perfect for preventing unnecessary wear to the surface of your kBox. It comes in two variations to fit the bigger kBox Pro as well as the more compact kBox Lite & kBox Active.

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The kBox is equipped with a fixed top rubber mat, to avoid any risk of the user slipping on a metal surface as well as to protect the unit from regular wear.

At some facilities, the wear may be unusually heavy due to factors such as shoe types, user weight and exercises applied. To keep the fixed mat in top condition, the Cover Mat can be used as an extra protection.


The Cover Mat is available custom cut for all kBox models, produced in 3 mm thick recycled eco-friendly rubber for the smaller and larger variations.

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0.8 kg (1.8 lbs) – 1.4 kg (3 lbs)


Recycled eco-friendly rubber