Training The Older Adult

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Robert Linkul, founder of Training the Older Adult, is taking you through how to properly train and load older and frail clients using Exxentric’s flywheel training tools, kBox and kPulley.

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Robert Linkul bio

Robert is the owner of TOA ( a personal training studio and online continued education provider for fitness professionals in California. Robert is an internationally known continued education provider for fitness professionals with his area of expertise being in resistance training strategies for the Older Adult with physical limitations and/or decreased quality of life.


  • Linkul has a Master’s degree in Personal Training
  • NSCAs 2012 Personal Trainer of the Year award winner and 2017 NSCA Fellowship inductee
  • Since 2021 NSCA Board of Directors (Personal Trainer Position)

Course curriculum

1. Introduction

  • Exxentric welcomes Robert Linkul
  • Introduction
  • Course Overview

2. Course chapters

  • Hinge
  • Pulls & Rows
  • Push & Press
  • Complexes & Dynamic


3. Outro

  • Closing Remarks

4. Documentation

  • Slides