The kBox squat is a basic  flywheel training exercise with many variations important for all subjects ranging from rehab patients to elite athletes. Suitable for the training of primarily quadriceps and glutes. The strength in a squat is highly correlated to improved results in jump height and sprint speed.


In the kBox you can do squats with restricted depth, traditional concentric-excentric training and using eccentric overload. You can use the ergonomic Harness or front squat with the kBar. Overload can be performed in a number of ways using delayed eccentric action, lateral overload och impulse overload. The short and long Foot Supports can be used to limit stance and more.

Hold the kBar in your elbows for the Zercher Squat variant for some extra strain on your quadriceps. Or use a regular barbell bar for an Overhead Squat variant. Further possibilities include Front Squat and Zombie Squat (also with the kBar) and Goblet Squat (with kGrips).


As compared to using traditional free weights or gravity based equipment, performing squat exercises on the kBox has multiple advantages. The possibility to limit the depth of the exercise ensures safety. The ergonomic harness avoids the need to use arms or hands and avoids the risk of injuries.


In effect, the kBox can be used for effective squat exercises by a wide range of clients independent of technique skills, as well as by athletes with injuries in the upper limbs.


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