Basic exercise with many variations offering warm-up and conditioning, as well as heavy overloaded reps.

You can go all day just doing variations of the #kBoxRow. Bent over row is a fantastic exercise on the kBox and if you would do only one exercise for the upper body, this should be the one.


By changing angle using the Foot Block (see video) you get a perfect motion and angle. Go concentric-eccentric 1:1 with low inertia in warm-up or conditioning, or go all-in for power.

You can overload the eccentric phase by pushing off with the legs in the bottom for really heavy training, perfect for the last set. Or incorporate in circuit training to get a heavy upper back exercise. This can be done using the kBox for traditional supinated or pronated grip, v-grip, t-bar or even single handle for more core and rotational strength.

For a single arm row, put one foot on the kBox and one on the floor. Use a Foot Block to change the angle, or fixate the kBox at about 30 degrees angle (with a short side down).

For a seated row, the Floor Attachment Kit can also be used to mount the kBox vertically.


Doing traditional row is an excellent basic exercise in any strength program, working arms, grip, upper and lower back. With all its variations you can really target your specific needs if you are looking for rotational strength, grip strength or just mass or power.

With the eccentric overload there a completely new dimension is added to the exercise. With traditional weights, you need a spotter hanging on the weight stack for eccentric overload but with the kBox you get fast and overloaded eccentric contractions just by using your own legs. Easy, safe and effective.


As a result, the kBox can be used for effective row exercises by a wide range of users independent of technique skills.

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