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Exxentric Summit 2014

Not much, you might think if you are looking at our frequency updating our news section. It is however rather the opposite. Our sales are rapidly increasing with new new markets appearing all the time. petre plates

In may we hosted a flywheel conference, the Exxentric Summit, with distributors, trainers, coaches and researchers from 9 different countries. We got together, shared ideas, research, protocols and had a lot of fun and this was a huge boost for our intensive work in developing new tools for our customers. Here are some pics from the Summit.

Other recent activities have been workshop in rehabilitation with our reference clinic Hela Kroppen in Stockholm and some private workshops and testing session with our newest advance in feedback technology, SmartCoach Encoder and force plates with enables you to measure force in both legs to see force curves during training, measure overload or imbalance between left-right etc. A really nice tool for a lot of our practitioners.

Further on we are working hard to deliver all orders before our short vacation. Vacation really means that our factory is closed for a short while. We will still be working with development, handling orders, workshops and so on during that time.

Fredrik Correa CEO & Co-Founder of ExxentricCheck back again after the summer so you don’t miss our new stuff that is coming up!

/Fredrik Correa, Co-Founder


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