Updated Exercise Library and a Request

Updated Exercise Library

The new kBox exercise library has come alive, and we want to promote you there!

The kBox is probably most well known for its squat, but the number of exercises possible on the kBox is almost infinite thanks to the creativeness of our users.

We have already presented some of the basic kBox exercises in a library on this website, as a point of reference for new and old users. Now, we have updated this with the Lateral Squat and the Single Leg RDL.

More importantly, instead of adding new standard studio pics, we wanted to use the library to show the diversity among our users. There are so many skilled coaches, physiotherapists, personal trainers and athletes sharing brilliant pictures of their work with the kBox.

Hence, we searched and asked some of you to let us add you’re great content to our library. Quite amazingly, everyone, we talked to allow us to use their pictures. That’s why we call it the #ExxentricFam!

Still, this is a work in progress. Like all of you, we want to improve continuously. We would like to add further pictures as well as more exercises. And we want to showcase all types of users, from teenage girls, elite athletes to senior citizens, at fitness studios, performance facilities or rehabilitation clinics. We are storing good videos for future use, but at the moment we look primarily for still pictures.

If you want to submit your work, email it to [email protected], or post it and tag us and we’ll get in touch!

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, Head of Research & Development





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