Exxentric Online Academy: The Magic Is In The Application

Today, we’re proud to present to you our expanded education platform, the Exxentric Online Academy. Our CEO Fredrik Correa explains why and what’s more to come:

I might be biased 😉 but I really think that the kBox and kPulley are fantastic tools. However, they are still just that, tools. But like any other tools they can be used in a good way but also in less effective ways or even in the wrong way. Over the years I’ve myself leaned more and more towards the application side of flywheel training and not the product development side. Don’t get me wrong, we still have some cool ideas going on in the R&D department but in the end the results depend on how you use the tool and not if it can talk to you or if you can get in your favorite color.

This is why I’m very happy to be able to re-release our online education platform, the Exxentric Online Academy. During last year we set our new offline education structure with the Flywheel User, Trainer and Master Courses. We have been travelling a lot and many have come to our HQ to attend our courses, which by necessity have been very excluding, as not everyone can travel to meet us and we can’t go everywhere. That is why we are now releasing our Online Academy to allow more people learning about flywheel training, at their own level, in their own time and place.

We already put out a lot of content there. So far most of it is free, but there will also be paid courses and even courses offering a certificate after completion. Like always, we have tons of ideas about what to do next, but we’d also love to hear your opinion on what kind of material we should put there. Would you be looking for more about specific applications, exercises or training programmes?

Enroll to our Online Academy today to get free access to the following courses:

  • Getting Started: a 30-minute session with theory and practice on the basic things around flywheel and kBox.
  • Exxentric App Intro: a 45-minute course with everything from signing up to interpreting the data.
  • Webinar Q&A: Some of the most frequently asked questions we get on flywheel training.


Upcoming releases on our Online Academy will include a two-hour Flywheel User Course and then a Trainer Course offering a certificate after completion, both pending external reviews. In addition, we’re planning hybrid online/offline courses shortly in collaboration with selected overseas partners.

All in all, we’re quite excited to be able to keep developing your education opportunities through these challenging times.

So, sign up, sign in, and get back to us with what you want to see next!

Fredrik Correa CEO & Founder of Exxentric


Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO




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