The kBox 2.5 is here!

Last week we started shipping our new kBox 2.5. It looks great and feels great. Improvements are for example:

  • new lower tower which is also place towards the edge to give more space on top. It also has a much smoother indexation and it is now a pure pleasure to use it. 
  • new design with brown color and black high friction mat that is not getting slippery when wet.
  • hexagonal axis fo easier fitting and changing of flywheels which is much easier now.
  • new reel with lower weight, smaller size and a snap shackle instead of closing hook which gives a deeper motion in the squat for example.
  • flywheels are now 0.025 and 0.050 kgm2 and now much easier to calculate inertia to put into SmartCoach. This also means you only need one light flywheel insted of two as you did before. The old flywheels fit the new kBox so if you upgrade to a kBox 2.5 you don’t have to buy new flywheels.

Pictures can be seen here. Contact us or our resellers if you have any questions.

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