The Best Kept Secret About kBox Gen 5 And How It Saves You $1000

With the recent launch of our fifth generation kBox flywheel training devices, here are CEO Fredrik Correa’s thoughts on what to consider when you’re looking for cost-efficient solutions – without sacrificing the training experience or the gains.

At Exxentric, we play our part in aiding individuals in their quest for greater strength. Increased strength among athletes translates to enhanced performance and reduced injury risks. Patients stand to regain functionality and experience a higher quality of life by achieving greater strength. Strength training benefits us all, contributing to more muscle mass, sturdier tendons, and metabolic advantages.

In a world where efficiency and value are more important than ever, it brought us particular satisfaction to introduce a new generation of kBox devices that not only sport a sleeker design but offer performance and value that surpasses expectations. In a side-by-side comparison, a significant advantage of the new generation is often overlooked, as most assess the updated units based on price, without taking upgraded functions into account.

The truly remarkable news of the launch was: our new generation gives a substantial portion of our customers access to the functionality they need at a price point that is now over $1,000 lower. Why, you may wonder? Because we have maintained prices while expanding the smaller, entry-level units to cater to larger or more advanced users.

Pictured: Fifth Generation kBox Pro. 

In the previous kBox lineup, the two smaller units were, in reality, somewhat limited in size for maximal usability. Consequently, many customers in need of a more expansive top surface were compelled to opt for the kBox Pro unit, often paying a premium for upgraded resistance and features that they didn’t fully require.

Now, with both the Active and Lite models boasting increased size and the capability to be extended with our multi-function footblock, an Active unit with an extension and an advanced flywheel knob can cater to much larger users – providing a worthy alternative to the Pro, at a significantly reduced cost compared to before.

If you’re buying in US dollars, a kBox Pro will cost you $2,990. Here’s what I recommend to budget-conscious customers who don’t want to sacrifice the larger training surface:



Pictured: Foot block with platform extension on a kBox Lite. 

While the Pro still offers a slightly larger unit and features the integrated kMeter, the new Active option is exceptionally enticing in terms of functionality per dollar, especially for serious home users, smaller clinics, or budget-conscious teams.

Opting for the middle-of-the-road kBox Lite option provides functionality akin to the Pro, with a $100 saving and the added convenience of a lighter, highly portable, compact unit that can be easily transported—truly the best of both worlds.

Should you wish to consult with our flywheel experts or me regarding your potential flywheel training setup, please do not hesitate to reach out!

Exxentric's CEO Fredrik Correa

Happy DOMS!

Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO

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