Replace the Belt on kBox3

When the drive belt on your kBox3 is damaged and cannot be trimmed, it needs to be replaced. Here’s how to fix it.

f trimming the damaged parts of the belt leaves a remaining belt that is too short, the belt needs to be replaced. Follow this procedure for the kBox3:


  • Verify that you have a replacement belt, or contact us to order.
  • Remove the Belt all the way from the shaft to the take-up spool (visible to the left part of the picture).
  • Detach the Belt from the take-up spool, and make sure the take-up spool is fixated so the spring doesn’t unwind and loose its tension since this can damage the spring.
  • Attach new Drive Belt to the take-up spool.
  • Reassemble the Belt all the way back to the shaft in the reverse order from when you removed it. Attach the Belt to shaft after you are certain that the Pulley is connected and the Belt isn’t twisted.





Contact us or your reseller for help, or go back to maintenance.

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