Personal Flywheel Training

$ 299 onboarding plus $ 99 / month excl. tax

Secure optimal results from your kBox4 system – get expert advice from your own personal flywheel coach online!

The Personal Flywheel Training service covers the fundamentals of flywheel training and more, spanning over a 12-week initial period and continuing for as long as you want. It includes four private online sessions with your personal flywheel coach, who will create your tailored program in a convenient app and make weekly check-ins to follow up on your progress towards your personal goals. 

Once you’ve placed your order, your flywheel coach will contact you to plan and schedule the first call. Our flywheel coaches are currently located in Illinois, USA, and are available to schedule sessions anytime 7-12am and 2-6pm CST.

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The initial 12-week program
Before the initial 12-week program starts, you and your coach will cover the fundamentals of flywheel training, set your goals and go through the program outline with emphasis on the kBox set-up. The first 2 weeks will cover the major principles and movements allowing you to execute all movements properly. 

The 4 private sessions covers:

      • Introduction – Welcome meeting to introduce you to the program and go through your goals
      • Getting started – What is flywheel training and how to use the device
      • 1st Workout – intro to basic squats, presses and pulls
      • 2nd Workout – basic hinge movements, more presses and pulls

The program includes:

      • 2 weeks with the four private sessions
      • 10 weeks of training program
      • The number of sessions per week is determined by your level of fitness and goals 
      • Weekly check-ins from your flywheel coach to ensure you’re staying on track and are seeing the necessary progress. 
      • Access to TrueCoach app to note your results and share with your coach
      • You will use the kMeter App to record and monitor your training data

After the initial 12-week program, your flywheel coach will keep tracking your development and fine-tune your continued programming and your coach will be available for advice through the app. You will be free to stay with your Personal Flywheel Training subscription for as long as you want, and you can log in to cancel it at any time.

Your Flywheel Coach
Our trusted launch partner for this program is Ignite Fitness, the Chicago-based fitness group. Your personal flywheel coach throughout the program will be one of their certified Flywheel Master Trainers.

Why do I need the initial 12-week program?

      • Your program will be designed to help you achieve the goals you set with your coach. Whether you are looking to gain strength, build muscle or just overall fitness we will get you there.
      • Each day you will receive your workout, complete with demo videos to ensure you are doing the movements properly, instructions on how to perform the workout and instructions on where your intensity needs to be.
      • The only personalized program for flywheel training on the market.

After purchase, your flywheel coach will reach out to schedule the video call and collect your requirements, and thereafter plan the agenda. 

The online sessions will be carried out through your choice of the third-party live stream services Hangouts, Zoom or Teams.

Technical Requirements