VBT Sensor

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The VBT Sensor, together with its integral counterpart the VBT Sensor Interface, provides an alternative feedback option for users who primarily rely on weight training and velocity based measurements to guide their progress.

The VBT Sensor for Velocity Based Training from Enode Pro accurately analyzes your flywheel training data, recommends inertia to use based on daily readiness, and provides detailed movement insights.

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The sensor tracks the rotation of the flywheel and showcases live training results on the Enode Pro app for iOS users (Android version coming soon). The app requires an Apple device compatible with iOS 15/iPadOS 15/macOS 12. 

The VBT Sensor includes:

  • Enode Sensor 
  • USB charging cable
  • Velcro Barbell Strap
  • Transport Case

Note: Any questions or support cases related to the Enode Sensor will be handled by Enode Pro customer support.