Bigger, Better, Stronger. Discover The New kBox Gen 5.

Bigger, Better, Stronger. 
Discover The New kBox Gen 5.

kBox Active

Larger platform. Same price.
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kBox Lite

More space. Lightest weight.
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kBox Pro

New design. Leading performance.
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Strength. Reimagined.


The new kBox line combines your feedback with our industry-leading technology and delivers it in a brand new, visually striking package!

Whether it’s a wider platform, an elevated design, or new tracking hardware – the new gen 5 line redefines what it means to strength train.

  • New Design

    With a sleek new design, the kBox will be your go-to device for intense workouts while blending in with your environment.
  • Improved Accessories

    Discover all the new robust accessories that are designed for the heaviest workouts – while being durable and easy to use.
  • Larger Platforms

    The kBox platforms get bigger to fit your training needs better. Choose your ideal size from a variety of platform options.
  • Better Feedback

    Training output gets even more reliable and smooth. Visualize your progression in real-time through the Exxentric App.

Perfected Accessories. Optimized For You.

Perfected Accessories. 
Optimized For You.

Custom Design

You design it, we make it

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New Snap Lock

Stronger than ever

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Platform Extension

Improved functionality

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Improved kMeter

Upgrading our feedback system
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Always in favor of even harder training, we are introducing our new Platform Extension – adding functional space to your kBox Active and Lite platform – empowering you to train with greater freedom, intensity, and versatility.

Pair that added training room with the tracking capabilities of the new kMeter – and the Gen 5 kBox line ushers in a new-age of performance, data-analysis, and optimization.

Unleashing The Power Of The
Fifth Generation kBox

CEO of Exxentric, Fredrik Correa, the visionary behind

the innovative kBox, introduces the all-new Gen 5 kBox

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Redefining The kBox

CEO Fredrik Correa explains all new developments in his latest blog post

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Get Started Today. With Your Brand New Gen 5 kBox.

Get Started Today. 
With Your Brand New Gen 5 kBox.

kBox Active Systems

From: $ 1,390

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kBox Lite Systems

From: $ 2,290
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kBox Pro Systems

From: $ 2,990
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kBox4 Active Becomes Legacy. Still Available, Now at a Lower Price.

kBox4 Active Becomes Legacy. 
Still Available, Now at a Lower Price.

kBox4 Active (Legacy)

$ 1,390

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kBox4 Active (Legacy)

Now, starting at $ 1190

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