kPulley Go Strap Mount

$ 70 excl. tax

This is the latest standard mounting solution for the kPulley Go, meaning that it’s included with every new kPulley Go Device. It enables users to easily strap their device around a stable fixed object and it even includes a complementary steel plate allowing for wall-attachment (screws compatible with your wall will need to be acquired elsewhere).

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Additional information

Standard Component

Included with any new kPulley Go Device


Allows users to strap their kPulley Go around a fixed stable object


Optional with complementary steel plate (screws compatible with your wall will need to be acquired elsewhere)


0.71 kg/1.56 lbs


26.1 cm/10.3 inches


7 cm/2.8 inches


7.6 cm/3 inches


Any pillars, poles, beams or racks used for strapping should adhere to the width mentioned above. Any attachment to narrower objects should be done at your own discretion with a spacer/distance piece on each side to support the attachment straps.


Steel and rubber

SKU 19040