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The Exxentric kGrips are essential for unlocking the versatility of any flywheel device suitable for both upper and lower body training. They are comfortable, versatile, light and available in several variations to accommodate more natural ranges of motion during exercise and thereby minimizing joint stress.

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The kGrip is perfect for many different pulling exercises like straight-arm lifts, hammer curls, deadlifts, high pulls and rows. You can either perform an exercise with maximal effort and power using both grips or when focusing on balance (single-leg RDL) & rotational strength (single hand row) you may only need one kGrip instead. While this accessory is frequently included in many kBox & kPulley systems, it can also be used for traditional weight training, particularly when it comes to the A90 variation, which is accompanied by additional instructions for maximal utility & efficiency.


The Exxentric kGrips always come in packs of two, where each kGrip only weighs around 100 g. This prevents unnecessary energy from being wasted on overcoming gravity, like when using a heavy iron grip for example. This transfers more energy into the flywheel for use in the eccentric phase.

Adjusting & adapting to your preferred angles through the various ranges of motion as you exercise also helps with maximizing training stimuli & minimizing joint stress, for example during rehab.

The coating is designed to be highly comfortable & secure, and top materials are selected for optimal functionality.

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90 g each (Original), 122 g each (A90)


Pulls, rows, rotations, deadlifts, curls


kBox, kPulley