Harness (kBox3)

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The Harness is an essential accessory to any flywheel device. The original grey kBox3 Harness is still available in some sizes.

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The Harness puts the pressure on the shoulders when you have a correct, upright position. If you tend to lean forward it moves the pressure down towards the lower back and shortens the lever for the force and reduces torque on the lower back, resulting in less bruises and a less sore back.

How much would you be able to squat in the gym if your technique was not an issue? Imagine if you didn’t have to worry about balance, bruising on the shoulders, straining your back and needing a spotter. You would probably be able to squat a lot more.

The Harness is made of strong but still soft and light-weight material.

Size Guide

This kBox3 version of the Harness is available in sizes from XS to XL.


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