Freestanding Accessory Rack

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The Freestanding Accessory Rack provides owners of large kBox4 or kPulley2 systems with the most efficient storage solution. Larger facilities can even benefit from attaching multiple racks back to back or sideways.

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The Freestanding Accessory Rack’s design is an upgrade on its Wall Mounted predecessor, providing users with a larger capacity for storage in its individual form and with its ability to expand with additional racks mounted either back to back or side by side. The rack comes with a detailed instructional manual for easy assembly.

This solution can help keep all of your accessories in one place in perfect order. It can be just as effective in a professional strength training facility or physiotherapy clinic as well as in your garage or living room.


Custom made for the Exxentric product line, this Accessory Rack can hold items for multiple kBox or kPulley systems.

A single Freestanding Accessory Rack is 115 cm tall, 62 cm wide, 42 cm deep.

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115 cm


62 cm


42 cm

Gross weight

21 kg

Flywheel capacity

24 in total (any size)

SKU 19020