kBox4 Attachment Kit

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The simple solution for keeping your kBox in place when performing exercises that require you not to keep both feet on the device. The centred version of this Attachment Kit is included as a standard component with every kBox4 system, while the 4-point variation may be purchased separately.

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With this Floor Attachment Kit you can easily fix your kBox4 to the ground for exercises where your entire body weight is not placed on the device itself to keep it stable (for example Lateral Squats).

Moreover, the strap in the Standard Attachment Kit can also be used as an Extension Strap for overhead exercises and limiting range of motion.


The Standard kit consists of an attachment plate and a cam lock belt and it is included with all kBox4 models. The attachment plate will need to be fixed to the floor or a heavy wooden board. The kBox will then be anchored to the plate by the belt. Suitable screws to attach to your floor type are not included.

The 4-point Floor Attachment Kit allows you to firmly fix each corner of a kBox4 device to the ground to guarantee a stable position for all types of workouts. The Round Bottom Plates together with the kBox will need to be used to first mark where to drill holes. Suitable screws to attach to your floor type are not included. Thereafter, once the bottom plates are secured, the kBoxes may be fixed to them. Please note the differences in the placement of the components of this kit for each kBox4 model. Most notably when using this Floor Attachment Kit for the kBox4 Active you will need to flip the rectangular upper plate upside down.

For guidance on how to install any of the kBox4 Attachment Kits you may also refer to the material below.

Standard kBox4 Attachment Kit

Please note that on newer kBox models there are two additional slots in the corners for attaching the kBox to the ground. For simultaneous use of these slots you will need to acquire another standard floor attachment kit.

4-point kBox4 Attachment Kit

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