kPulley Upgrade Kit

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This product enables owners of the original kPulley device to benefit from most of the upgrades and features available in the kPulley2.

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The kPulley Upgrade Kit is designed to enhance the flywheel training experience of any kPulley user by providing them with the improvements developed with the kPulley2. This would only require the original beams to be disassembled and replaced as per our instructions below.


When fully assembled this Upgrade Kit allows you to store the most important accessories directly on the beam to save time between drills and when you begin or commence your training. The single beam leads to a smoother height selection process for any exercise. Furthermore the enhanced mechanism for adjusting the length of the Drive Belt gives you a wider range of available ROM. And finally the Upgrade Kit also greatly reduces the potential of any unwanted twists in the Drive Belt during your training by not allowing the Drive Belt to stray away from the rotating shaft.

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ROM and height selection, accessory storage, robustness and training continuity


Beam, Height Adjuster, Belt Stopper, Drive Belt Guide


Platinum Grey (beam), Midnight Blue (Height Adjuster & Belt Stopper) and Anodic Brown (Drive Belt Guide)


197 cm


7 kg

SKU 18256