Postponing the Exxentric Summit: Hong Kong 2020

Exxentric Summit Hong Kong 2020

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, we’re sorry to inform you that we have been forced to postpone the Exxentric Summit: Hong Kong 2020 until further notice.

As you may be aware, the recent weeks’ news has been covered by an alarming spread of a new unknown string of the Coronavirus. The virus is causing any recipient to become ill in influenza-like symptoms and has caused numerous people to seek medical care and in some cases even caused fatalities. The latest reports indicate that the outbreaks will continue until local authorities have been able to stabilize any exponential spread.

The virus originated from a mainland city in China called, Wuhan. Since the first encounter in early December (and first known in global news early January), several reports have been passed claiming a wider spread throughout the entire country of China and several minor cases in other countries. Some cities in China have been put under quarantine until further notice, and borders to surrounding countries have also been shut.

Hong Kong has, since the global news coverage first reports of the virus, reported a few cases of the spread and even fatalities. The Hong Kong government is taking the reports seriously resulting in the cancellation of public Chinese New Year celebration events and other larger public locations are forced to remain closed. The Hong Kong government is prolonging the holiday period in order to ensure that people can stay indoors.

As a result of the recent news from Hong Kong and with close communication with our local partner in the region, we have decided to cancel the Exxentric Summit in Hong Kong which was planned for the 4th to 7th of March 2020. We are deeply sorry this had to be the final resort, but in the end, the participants’ health and security is our main priority. Hong Kong is, at this moment of uncertain times, no longer a safe place for an Exxentric Summit to take place.

Practicalities for anyone who bought a ticket through our webshop

Exxentric is taking full responsibility for anyone who purchased their ticket through our webshop, and will give a full refund for the course ticket price.

New dates for the Exxentric Summit

Due to the postponed Exxentric Summit: Hong Kong 2020, we are currently looking into moving the Summit forward in time. To what extent the next Summit will be possible to host in the Asian region will be based on actions from local authorities and stabilization to ensure a safe event location. Where the next Exxentric Summit will take place will be communicated once a formal decision has been made.

We hope that you have an understanding of the situation and the reason for these precautions from our side. We hope, with your help, this message can be conveyed for any one of your customers that may have signed up for the event.

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