Now Shipping: The kBox4 – with a New Accessory

Today, we celebrate the great reception of the new kBox4 by presenting a new bag for your flywheels, making any kBox even more portable.

The initial kBox4 batch has been delivered to the first pre-order customers over four continents, and now the second, larger batch is just about to start shipping. Our website is now updated with some nice new photographs of the kBox4.

Meanwhile, excellent feedback (such as the post pictured to the right) has started coming in from users of the new kBox generation, which makes us really happy. Thank you so much!

New Flywheel Bag

Flywheel BagFor all of you as well as for users of all previous kBox models, we now have the pleasure of presenting a brand new accessory: the Flywheel Bag.

Aimed at further improving the portability of the kBox, the Flywheel Bag provides a convenient way to carry your Flywheels and other accessories between clients or training sites, leaving both your hands for carrying the kBox platform itself, weighing only from 11 kg.

The Flywheel Bag is compatible with Exxentric Flywheels in all sizes and for all kBox versions, and it is now available at EUR 50 plus shipping and local tax.

Learn More

Read more about the kBox4 and all new accessories on our updated equipment pages. To get a full price list (starting at EUR 2,190 / USD 2,570) or discuss a kBox4 order for your facility, contact us or reach out to your reseller today.

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