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Today, we are proud to present an expansion of our services in flywheel training into online coaching to help everyone who don’t have access to a local coach to optimize their strength development – all along with a launch offer worth no less than $500. Our CEO Fredrik Correa explains:

There are a few important elements of successful strength training: for example load, exercise specificity, progression and consistency. For the results you want you need to do the right exercise, have a decent amount of load, progress from week to week and also do this repeatedly over time.

This requires knowledge but also time management. Like with most training you can’t save up a week worth of training and just do everything on one day. Training is more effective spread out over the week in a well thought out program that allows for adequate rest and training.

One way to lower the threshold, get better consistency and make time management easier is to be able to do this away from the gym, e.g. in your home, with the help from a coach online. All high level pro athletes have a coach, so why shouldn’t you?

This is why we now are expanding our services to help everyone use flywheel training to optimize their strength development.

Personal Flywheel TrainingPersonal Coach Flywheel Training

First out is a premium continuous online coaching service, Personal Flywheel Training, starting with a tailored onboarding program.

Unlike other online training services, we will offer direct access to your private flywheel training certified coach, as we believe in the superior benefits of direct personal communication, also online.

We are proud to launch this first online coaching service together with US based Coach Nicholas Karavalos and his team. Nicholas is a former track and field athlete and trainer. He is also an experienced personal trainer and owner of the Ignite Fitness flywheel training facility in Chicago. Nicholas was the first coach in the US to complete the Exxentric Master Trainer course.

The Personal Flywheel Training service starts with an individual 12-week program to get you kick-started with your training regardless of previous training experience, including:

  • 4 private online sessions together with your personal flywheel coach (45 min each)
  • A 12-week program tailored by your flywheel coach to your individual level and personal goals, delivered to your personal free account in the accompanying app
  • Continued programming and advice for as long as you want

The Personal Flywheel Training service is available from today at $299 onboarding fee plus $99 per month for as long as you chose to subscribe. Learn all about the service here.

To ensure that you’ll get the full value the Personal Flywheel Training service, we need you to have access to a kBox4 system including several of our attachments and other accessories developed specifically for flywheel training. To help you order a compatible kBox4 system, we created three new custom Online Systems, configured to include all you need.

Right now, we’re offering a total discount of no less than $500 when you order it with any of the new Online Systems. This is excellent value for anyone considering a flywheel training system and is looking for expert advice to get optimal results. To take advantage of this offer, click here.

As you can see, we remain busy improving your opportunities for strength development, even during times of challenges and gym lock-downs. Stay safe and stay strong!

Happy DOMS!Fredrik Correa CEO & Founder of Exxentric
/Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO





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