Meet the kPulley, Sorinex style

When we get requests for new flywheel training equipment, we try to be helpful. So, when our friends at Sorinex told us their customers desired a way to attach the kPulley to their leading line of racks, we went to work.

As we keep growing across the world, we rely on a wide range of partners to satisfy all your demands for top level training efficiency and results.

Today, we are pleased to announce this new collaboration with the leading US equipment manufacturer, Sorinex Exercise Equipment. The result is a new version of the kPulley horizontal flywheel training device, custom made for attaching directly onto Sorinex’ renowned line of racks.

Instead of the ordinary beam for wall mounting delivered with our standard kPulley2, this new product is equipped with special attachments which easily fit onto your existing Sorinex rack. Hence, this brings all the benefits of kPulley flywheel training while avoiding the need to mount anything to your walls. And, as a bonus, we think it makes your Sorinex rack look even better!

To place an order for the new Sorinex-adapted kPulley, just proceed to Sorinex’ web site here.

It has been a pleasure for us to work with CEO Bert Sorin and his team in this project and we look forward to building further on our cooperation.

/Erik Lindberg, CEO


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