Launching Online Courses in Flywheel Training

The world is a big place and unfortunately we can’t be everywhere at once. To make knowledge about the kBox and flywheel training more accessible, we are now launching our first online courses at Exxentric Academy. Fredrik Correa explains:

Key points:

  • Courses available for potential customers as well as existing users
  • All are currently free of charge, open 24/7
  • Requests for custom courses welcome!

Nothing beats attending a good course in real life. Meeting people, discussing and mixing theory with practice. We have been traveling around the world to do flywheel training introductory courses of all kinds – and we have loved it. I have personally learned a lot from meeting people interested in physical training engaged in different ways on the rehab–fitness–performance spectrum from different sports and settings.

Attending a course is of course a great way to get started with your flywheel training but it is also a way to evaluate the tool and the training before committing to a purchase. So of course, spreading knowledge is vital for us at Exxentric. Why would we support 10+ research projects if that wasn’t the case?

However, with the kBox now in 45 countries, we need to add new ways of sharing knowledge. Writing articles or tweets is good for Q&A, and conducting 1 on 1 courses over Skype is still an important tool for us. But we wanted to start making the knowledge in our field even more accessible. That’s why we are now launching an online learning platform.

Available Online Courses

Today, you can find our first online courses at Exxentric Academy. Like always, we are starting small but hope to develop this depending on your needs. Courses we added to the platform so far include:

  • kBox4 demo [English & Swedish]
  • kBox4 getting started intro (for new customers) [English]
  • kMeter intro course [English & Swedish]
  • Lecture on flywheel training for physios [Swedish]

All of the currently available material is offered for free, so take a look and give us your feedback. It’s far from perfect and you have to be able to withstand a fair amount of ‘Swenglish’ to get through this but I hope it will help you anyway.

Future Online Courses

There are of course a bunch of courses that could be done but instead of deciding what is important for you we hope that you will tell us. We can talk about programing, different ways to load, how to use the kMeter, ways to make your training more specific to your needs. Everything from general to very specific is on the table. If you ask for it and we got the time, we are ready to do it.

1 on 1 Intros

I just want to highlight the possibility for you to get started with your flywheel training over a 1 on 1 conversation through Skype or Google Hangouts. This can be a great way for a dedicated home user upgrading his gym with a kBox to get started and getting ROI from day 1 on your investment. Reach out to us for pricing if you are interested. There are also experienced coaches all over the world using the kBox that might be able to coach you online for more regular sessions and follow-ups. Maybe we can connect you if you are interested.

Real Life Courses

We will of course still do our standard courses in real life when people are interested, just like today. Reach out to me if you want to host a course at your facility or if you have any feedback for us regarding education.

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., co-founder






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