Enhancing Performance: Launching kMeter 3.6

At Exxentric, we thrive to constantly improve our devices and services. Crafted by experts and developed based on user feedback, here are the latest updates to our real-time power meter, the kMeter app. Fredrik Correa explains the latest improvements.

Over time, the kMeter Module has evolved from being hardware as a separate box connected with a cable and the app an individual power meter, into a module built-in to most of the Exxentric strength training devices and with plenty of added software features. The kMeter feedback system for the kBoxkPulley and LegExx flywheel training devices has made technical improvements to serve all devices optimally.  

This change will allow for easier debugging, and much more accessibility. This time, the updates to our kMeter app revolve around improvements to the UI/UX, for much better performance (faster responsiveness) and overall improved user experience. Here are the main key aspects of the improvements in version 3.6 of the kMeter.


Group training sessions

This update of the kMeter will bring an improvement to the interface for group training sessions. This is especially useful for coaches who conduct training sessions for multiple clients in a single session.

Edit user groups

  • Coaches can manually select the users they are training with. After selecting the desired group of users, they can select any one of them to register their training data or view/update their training information on the results page.
  • When selecting the group, remember to select the order of the users/clients as well. This order will be used to train the users for the auto-switch user feature below.

kMeter App Updated InterfaceTo get an overview of clients’ training data, coaches can log in to the web dashboard located at data.exxentric.com, with all data safely stored in the cloud, where you can compare your strongest set against the recorded best set globally.

Auto-switch user (option at advanced menu section)

  • When the auto-switch user is turned on, after every set is completed, the app automatically switches the user to the next training user in the queue.
  • The information will also be visible from the additional text below the current user: “Next: …


  • You can now see all your coaches or clients on one screen, including the pending clients.
  • Immediately accept (tick) or reject clients/coaches (cross).
  • When a coach request is accepted, the coach will be able to access the user’s training data. When a coach is deleted, access to their user’s/client’s training data will be removed.

kMeter2 App Updated Interface

More exercises coming up!

We will continually update the list of exercises in kMeter app with the exercises available. One of the latest additions to this list is the Leg Extension exercise for the LegExx device.


In this version we revamped and improved the interface of the kMeter app to enhance usability while keeping the training experience largely similar to the previous version. And ofcourse, the app now feels faster and smoother than ever!


For existing users, the new kMeter app update will be available in the App Store and on Google Play from October 25th. And of course, if you don’t already have access to a kBox or kPulley with the kMeter Module installed, just have a look at our webshop or ask us or your local reseller and we’ll be happy to help you out.

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO

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