The kMeter App Now For Android

kMeter App Now For Android

Finally, the benefits of the kMeter App for digital training feedback are now available also for our Android users, with a special upgrade offer.

Ever since the release of the kMeter feedback system we have received questions about an Android app, so we are of course happy to be able to offer this now to all of our Android users following a busy autumn.

The kMeter App for Android is now free to download for all users of a kBox equipped with the kMeter Module.

Just like the iOS app, the new Android version offers real time tracking of concentric and eccentric power output and more, as well as storing, sharing and exporting your data.

The Android app is similar to a recent version of the iOS kMeter app (2.1), and we are now starting the work to implement the latest few changes from updates 2.2 and 2.3 into the Android version as well.

Try it out

If you already have access to a kBox with the kMeter Module, we are hoping that you will download the new Android app and try it out.

Please let us know if we missed something that should be added to the next update. Since Android is run on many different devices from different manufacturers there might be issues that we haven’t encountered in our internal testing. Also, we would love to see your rating of the app on Google Play!

To read up on the kMeter or watch a video introduction, start at the main page about the kMeter here.


upgrade Offer

We always try to take special care of our existing users. If you did not add a kMeter Module to the order for your existing kBox system, we are now offering shipping for free for all upgrade orders for kMeter Modules before January 15th. Contact us today for a quote or if you have any questions.

So, tell your friends, test it and let us know what you think. Why not start 2018 with a baseline kBox Power Test and then take it from there?

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, Co-Founder





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