Study summary: #kBoxSquat [CANCELLED]

Two common question around the kBoxSquat are how different inertia affect acute power output and eccentric overload and also if team sport athletes can benefit from incorporating them in their program. In this post Fredrik Correa is summarizing two recent studies investigating these exact two topics.

Key points:

  • Results are in line with previous research and common practice.
  • Lower inertia (0.025 kgm^2) to maximize both CON and ECC power output and higher inertia for higher eccentric/concentric power ratios.
  • Power difference between inertias is less after familiarization period.
  • Adding kBoxSquat eccentric-overload one session per week to a regular pre-season program have positive effect on 1 RM, 20m sprint, CMJ, concentric and eccentric power in half squat and triple hop performance.
  • A few familiarization sessions are needed to learn the movement and rhythm.
  • Fredrik recommends baseline testing after at least 3 sessions and then repeated after 3-4 weeks because of fast initial adaptations and motor learning.

Inertial setting in the kBoxSquat

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Eccentric overload squat in a pre-season program

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Fredriks comments

Set a baseline, familiarize before testing, re-test regularly in the first 6-8 weeks.

Read fatigue, read Gonzalos-meta.


Have fun!

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., co-founder

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