The kBox3 is the discontinued generation of the kBox flywheel training device.

Following the first kBox introduced as the Kinetic Box in 2011 and two subsequent versions, the kBox3 was introduced in 2014. The kBox3 was preceded by the kBox4 in 2016.  


Flywheels The kBox3 can be equipped with up to four flywheels in three different sizes: heavy, medium and light, made from laser cut and powder coated carbon steel:
  • Heavy: 0.050 kgm2
  • Medium: 0.025 kgm2
  • Light: 0.010 kgm2
Floor Attachment Kit Floor Attachment KitThe Floor Attachment Kit is used to fixate the kBox to facilitate certain exercises where the body weight may not fully stabilise the kBox. These are made from laser cut and galvanized carbon steel. The price of the Floor Attachment Kit is 70 Euro. Extension Strap Extension CordThe Extension Strap is used to enable a higher top position for tall users performing overhead exercises, like for example the military press. The price of the Extension Strap is 20 Euro. For the further kBox accessories, go back to products.  


  • Size: floor area 100 x 50 cm, top area 90 x 45 cm, height 22 cm.
  • Weight: 15.7 kg (34.6 lbs).
  • Made from powder coated aluminum, with details made of anodized hardened carbon steel and aluminum, and high-friction rubber.
  • Compatibility: Built-in rotational sensor, ready to connect to our kMeter feedback system as well as SmartCoach.
  • CE-marking as a medical device.


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