Introducing: the World’s First Flywheel Group Training Concept

Until now, flywheel training has been all about individual achievements. Tomorrow, this changes. As the first of it’s kind, a Swedish fitness chain will start offering a brand new group training concept using the kBox system.

Må Bättre Borlänge 2015-04-29Increasingly, flywheel training is gaining traction not only among sport performance coaches and rehabilitation physioterapists, but also in the larger health and fitness industry. Many of the benefits of flywheel training concepts in elite sports, such as variable and unlimited resistance and eccentric overload, are highly beneficial also for the general fitness client base.

Micro-Group Concept

kBoxes at Må Bättre BorlängeToday, we are happy to announce a new co-operation in Sweden with one of Dalarna county’s largest fitness chains, Må Bättre. Starting this week, Må Bättre will introduce a new micro-group flywheel training concept including a personal trainer and up to five clients at their facility in Borlänge, run by successful entrepreneur and long-time kBox user, Peter Andersson.

This group concept is first of its kind in utilising flywheel technology and the kBox 3 to really grow muscle in a group training setting. As has been proven in several studies, flywheel training is supieror to traditional weight training in achieving hyperthropy to improve strength and muscle mass. Now the time has come for fitness clients to benefit from this too.

Beyond the training results, the mobility of the kBox – weighing only 15.7 kg and occupying just 0.5 m2 floor area – makes it ideal for facility owners offering various classes with limited space.

Full-Body Strength Program

Må BättreFor this brand new group concept, we have developed a tailored full-body strength program using the kBox alone, adding only a few body weight exercises. However, we expect that the personal trainers will extend and modify the program as their clients get used to flywheel training, and adapting to the specific needs of each group of clients.

Included in the concept is also the possibility to measure and analyse the actual power of clients and follow their development using the soon to be globally launched kMeter feedback system. We do believe that this will have profound effects on the clients’ motivation as well as the trainer’s possibility to give relevant advice.

With great power also comes great responsibility, and we want to ensure that the trainers are fully qualified to ensure safe and effecient flywheel training. We visited Må Bättre in Borlänge last week to give the trainer team a thorough introductinon course to the kBox (see photos). We discussed and tried different aspects of load, rest, eccentric overload, technique and exercises to be used in personal training and micro-group training. The trainers responded well and our course generated excitment and interest also among the centre’s clients.

Enjoying the Proven Flywheel Benefits

We are excited about this opportunity for fitness center trainers and their clients to learn professional flywheel training as well as enjoying the known and proven benefits of flywheel training for strength development in a group environment – and without the need for investing in a kBox system at home.

Training hard has never been easier.

Fredrik Correa

Happy DOMS to everyone in Borlänge and beyond,

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., co-founder

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