Introducing a New Pulley for the kBox

Today, we start shipping a brand new pulley for the kBox, creating an unprecedented flywheel training experience. Our CEO Erik Lindberg explains:

Pulleys It may seem like a small and insignificant component, but nothing could be further from the truth.

Imagine the force that the pulley must withstand during a deep squat, especially in the eccentric phase when the athlete works his hardest to break the spinning flywheel as fast as possible.

Consider also the freedom of movement that the kBox allows and the demands that this puts on the pulley. The drive belt goes from complete slack to maximum tension in just fractions of a second. During this short time, the pulley must instantly stabilise and align the drive belt with the pulley-wheel, in order to absorb the force. Friction must be kept to a minimum to ensure that all the power exerted by the athlete transfers to the flywheel smoothly, without energy loss.

All this in an extremely lightweight design, giving the athlete the best training experience to date, as testified by our beta customers.

The new kBox Pulley has included in all new kBox 3 systems starting today. It is also fully backward compatible with previous kBox versions and available for backorder at the international list price of EUR 95 plus tax and shipping.

As a sign of appreciation towards our existing customers, we are offering a 50% discount for orders placed before the end of March. To get yours now, contact us here.

Erik Lindberg/Erik Lindberg, CEO

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