Introducing the kMeter 2.0 With Multi-User Support

kMeter 2.0 With Multi-User Support

Today, the kMeter mobile feedback system for flywheel training with the kBox was upgraded to version 2.0, now including multi-user support as requested by many customers. Read the introduction by Fredrik Correa:

So what’s new in this updated kMeter 2.0?

Under the hood, we did a major development of the database structure. The main immediate result for you as a user is that the app now handles multi-users.

You can add users and assign training sets to a user when you save, or edit this and other training data afterwards. You can also filter the training database per user and only export data for a particular user. The new database for the training data also contains more data points which will improve your analysis.



You can add multiple users with associated information (name, gender, height, weight, team, club) and then easily shift user from the start screen without entering setup. After the set you can save data and change user if you have had the wrong user setup during the set.

The kMeter 2.0 is much easier to use in circuit training or team setting. Set up your users and have their data (weight, height) come along and get accurate power values (W/kg) without even entering the setup menu during training.

Editable data

You can select from the drills in the app or name your own drills. After you have saved the data you can open up the data from the database and re-assign it to another user or edit drill or VAS score if you made an error in one of the previous steps. No more wasted data due to error in input during training, just edit and correct it.

The editing function can also be used if you just want to hit the save button and save some time and go through the training afterwards and edit.

Filter data

Filter your training data on user and export the data only associated with the user you want.

Even if you do not have access to a kBox yet, you can still check out the app. It’s free and it could potentially give you some ideas of how you can use the kBox in various ways.

Thank you for your feedback, keep it coming! Check out the video below, and download version 2.0 of the kMeter now on iTunes.

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, Co-Founder



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