In Ice Hockey, The Legs Feed The Wolf

Ice Hockey Flywheel Training

With customers like the Detroit Red Wings, New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings, it comes as no surprise that our co-founder and former hockey coach Mårten Fredriksson looks forward to the upcoming ice hockey season.

With the start of the NHL pre-season, as well as the SHL season in Sweden, we’re happy to finally indulge in our hunger for good hockey.

As some of the best athletes in the world step out on the ice, we know that many of them now have an advantage over their competition. They can carry this advantage with them on their team planes, buses and any other vehicle for that matter. You don’t actually need to be in the NHL to possess it. It’s just a piece of science based, innovative training equipment that offers variable resistance and easy access to eccentric overload training for quicker gains in strength and mass.

By now you’ve probably guessed that I’m talking about the kBox, a tool that can help you improve your stride length and stride rate on the ice, whether you’re a NHL superstar like Kris Letang of the Pittsburgh Penguins (pictured) or an aspiring young athlete without much experience in the weight room. You can avoid injuries by using the Harness to unload your back and train like a beast. Heavy squats, explosive squats, lateral squats, split squats, you name it. As Coach Herb Brooks used to say, “the legs feed the wolf” and you can feed your legs with some kBox training.

Happy Hockey Season, Folks!

/Mårten Fredriksson, co-founder of Exxentric, former Ice Hockey Coach and S&C Coach at Junior & Senior Elite levels


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