In martial arts, flywheel training on the kBox and kPulley is used in the regular training protocols by strength & conditioning coaches of many elite athletes.

Martial artists need to develop a wide array of physical capacities besides their sport-specific techniques and often have a very high training volume in the elite and pro leagues which put high demands on efficacy and safety in their training.

The kBox and kPulley are valuable tools for athletes in many martial arts ranging from striking arts such as Boxing, Taekwondo and Karate; grappling arts such as Wrestling, Judo, and Jiu-jitsu to traditional martial arts such as Wushu, Kung fu and Thai Chi.


The benefits of flywheel training in martial arts, as compared to traditional training with gravity-based equipment, include:

  • The kBox and kPulley offer the martial artist a number of diverse drills to improve overall strength and increase muscle mass but also more specific drills – drills for core and rotational drills.

Since the martial artists compete in weight classes a pro team can consist of athletes in different sizes and shapes and using the kBox and kPulley eliminates a lot of practical issues in the team training. Effective sessions due to the short time in shifts between users.

  • Besides these upper limb injuries are rather common, with the kBox and kPulley a lot of the heavy lifting can still be done even by athletes with more severe injuries to arms and hands while shortening the time for return-to-competition.
  • Safe training, less technique dependant.
  • More effective in building functional strength and increase performance than weight stacked machines and traditional free weights.
  • With the kBox and kPulley’s ability to work both with high loads and dropping variable resistance in metabolic training and the motion freedom, the martial artist has great tools for increasing strength and local metabolic capacity in sport-specific angles and motions.

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