Henrik Petré Joins Exxentric to Develop Education for Flywheel Training

While we have developed and spread the leading product offering for flywheel training worldwide, we have also wanted to add a strong education offering. Today we take the first important step towards this goal, by adding the experienced strength coach Henrik Petré to the Exxentric team as our new Head of Education.

Henrik PetréHenrik is deeply rooted in performance sports, with a background as a professional ice hockey player at the highest level in Europe for 15 years. During the past six years he has worked with ice hockey players from several NHL organisations as their strength and conditioning coach during the summer off-ice training.

Alongside his professional career, Henrik has studied medical science and sports science and has a B.Sc. degree from the Swedish School of Sport and Health Sciences (GIH) in Stockholm, and he continues to study on his spare time towards a M.Sc. in sports science.

As a coach, Henrik is a long-time flywheel training expert, and he brings deep personal experience from the benefits of the kBox in performance sport. In his own words:

“I’ve been training my players with the kBox for the past five years and I have seen great development of strength. The kBox is used in both the concentric and eccentric phases focusing on hypertrophy, maximum strength and power. The ability to add load and overload at angles customised for the specific requirements of the sport has made the kBox invaluable for me in my work with elite ice hockey players.

I see the kBox as a perfect complement to the more traditional training with barbells. The versatility of the kBox is fantastic and it’s safe and suitable for young and old, elite athletes and amateurs, performance sports and rehabilitation. Only the creativity and skill of the practitioner limit the use of the kBox.

In my role at Exxentric I look forward to supporting and helping our current and future users to develop in their professions. To be a part of the Exxentric team and continue to spread the message about flywheel training is going to be fun and inspiring.”

To learn more and connect with Henrik, see his profiles on LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter. Please join me in giving Henrik our warmest welcome to Exxentric!

Erik Lindberg/Erik Lindberg, CEO

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