An overview of how to quickly get up and running with the kMeter feedback system for the kBox.

1. Check that you already have the kMeter

  • Apart from the kBox Active and kPulley Go all kBox, kPulley and SingleExx devices come with a built-in kMeter.
  • The kMeter can be purchased as an add-on for the kBo4 Active as well as the kPulley Go and assembled on-site or it can be purchased together with the kBox Active or the kPulley Go and factory assembled by our technicians.


2. Get the free Exxentric App


3. Connect the App with the Module

  • Make sure that Bluetooth on your mobile device is turned on, then start the Exxentric app.
  • In the app, click the green Connect-button from the start screen. (Status will change from Not connected to Connected + serial number of your kMeter Module.)
  • Go through the rest of the setup process in the app and click Close.


4. Ready!

  • Here’s an overview of the app
  • Start playing and work hard. Happy DOMS!

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