Happy Holidays (with a special offer)!

As an amazing 2018 is coming to an end, our CEO Erik Lindberg takes this opportunity to share with you some highlights from the development of flywheel training with the kBox4 and kPulley across the world – along with a special offer to support you in securing a successful 2019.

Dear #Exxentricfam member!

2018 has been a great year for strength training in general and for flywheel training in particular. We’re thrilled to be a driving force in this field, together with all of you!

Evidence based training with Exxentric

More and more research studies show what we have already known for a long time, namely that strength training is good for pretty much everybody, regardless if you’re young or old, strong or weak, healthy or sick. Other studies have shown that flywheel training often stands out as the strength training method for  producing the best results in the shortest period of time.

This is very encouraging since we have introduced two new products in this space in 2018; Firstly, the kBox4 Active, optimised for health and fitness facilities and discerning home users looking for an attractive entry level product. Secondly, the wall mounted kPulley, targeting performance coaches, personal trainers and physiotherapists wanting to perform horizontal movements, enabling both full body workouts and specific rehabilitation exercises targeting smaller muscle groups.

The kBox4 Pro and the kBox4 Lite, which were launched before 2018, now come with lots of improvements such as the integrated feedback system kMeter II and a doubled inertia range of the kBox4 Lite. In summary, Exxentric now caters to more needs than ever before when it comes to effective strength training with versatile and user friendly equipment.

Continued expansion

The momentum created by the scientific support and the broader and improved product line has accelerated the #exxentricfam expansion. There are now kBox and kPulley users in more than 60 countries, and in all continents. A whopping 180 Open kBox Facilities around the globe stand ready to welcome you to experience flywheel training by Exxentric, under professional guidance.

In the US, new and returning customers this year include additional teams in the four major US leagues – NBA, NHL, NFL and MLB – along with plenty of NCAA teams and new units within the US Armed Forces. European examples include more teams in the Premier League and the KHL. Also national institutions like the Dutch Volleyball Federation, the Bobsleigh and Luge Federation for Germany and the French National Institute of Sport, Expertise, and Performance. In Asia-Pacific, teams like the China women’s national volleyball team and several top-league Rugby teams decided to jump on the kBox train. Additionally, we have welcomed many new users within the physiotherapy and personal fitness segments.

We are overwhelmed with the ingenuity and determination displayed by all kBox and kPulley users and we are grateful to see the inspiring content being shared, for the benefit of the whole community. We now have over 70,000 followers across all major social media platforms.

In case you’d like to understand more about how these users apply flywheel training for the benefit of strength and rehabilitation, please don’t hesitate to contact our team at any time. I’m also personally more than happy to talk to current and potential customers. You can reach me directly at any time at [email protected].

Growing together

In order to support the growth, we have expanded our team significantly, securing continued innovation and the first class customer support that you have come to expect. As many of you have probably already noticed, we have also launched a new logotype and graphical profile, as well as a new website and webshop, which we continue to develop with the aim to provide even better support to existing and future users.

A big thanks is due also to our Official Resellers, the list of whom this year has expanded in no less than six countries, Denmark, Greece, Hong Kong, Iceland, Serbia and Switzerland. In cooperation, we have been able to demonstrate the flywheel training experience at international trade shows, such as FIBO (Germany), KIMES (South Korea), Salon Body Fitness (France), CSCCa National Conference (US), Rimini Wellness (Italy), IFAS (Switzerland), Rééduca (France) and APTA CSM (US). And there is more to come in 2019!

Finishing 2018 and kick-starting 2019

So, on the back of a really successful 2018 we’re now preparing for an even stronger 2019. In order to assist you to do the same, from now and until December 31st we will offer free shipping of all our products, globally!

You can take advantage of the offer right away in our web shop using coupon strong2019or talk to your local reseller.


Erik LindbergWishing you all Happy Holidays and a really strong New Year!

Erik Lindberg, CEO

Email [email protected] or Twitter @erikol.

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