Guest Article: kBox and Eccentric Overload in Archery

Today, we have the honor to present a guest article for download from a long-time kBox user, sports performance consultant Antonio Robustelli.

This is the first part of two pieces about the use of eccentric training with archers and how he implemented the kBox leading up to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Research is a great driver in our field, but the practical experiences shared by coaches and physios are no less important. Our goal is to help our users by offering knowledge from both these areas, and that’s why I’m very happy to present a two part guest article by one of our successful users willing to share his insights.

Antonio is an Italian high level educator and CSCS certified performance coach that has been using the kBox for over two years with all types of athletes (LinkedIn, Twitter). In this first article, he is providing an overview about the importance of eccentrics in sports in general and in Archery in particular. In the second part, he will provide some info on how they programmed their training running up to the Rio Olympics and how it helped his athlete Claudia Mandia to secure the fourth place with the Woman Italian National Team.

We have arranged for you to present yourself to download the article here:

I hope you will enjoy the reading and I would be happy to share more insights from you, our users and coaches if you want a platform to do so. Sharing is caring.

Happy DOMS!

/Fredrik Correa, M.D., co-founder



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