Go Anywhere With the New kPulley Go Mounts

The kPulley Go was developed to help make serious strength training more accessible to a wider audience. And since its launch back in May we have been amazed by your creative ideas when using it for your own personal goals and needs, in the gym as well as on the go. Today, we’re proud to present the improvements in the latest version of the kPulley Go.

Among the things that have stood out to us was how most users don’t treat this as a stationary machine and essentially used it as a portable gym. Here at Exxentric, we have always been proponents of this but we’re very excited to see that the kPulley Go spurred more and more people to pick up on this notion without succumbing to the difficulties of transporting barbells and weight stack machines from one location to another.


This in turn motivated us to design an even more compact solution for mounting your kPulley Go wherever you’re training with it. To help ensure that more people get the most out of this latest development our new kPulley Go Strap Mount will now be included with every kPulley Go device.

As indicated by its name, the primary attachment method accommodated by this solution involves strapping it around a fixed stable object. However, for anyone still wishing to use their kPulley Go on a wall or some other flat surface, this product includes a complementary steel plate enabling wall attachment (screws compatible with your wall will need to be acquired elsewhere).


The S-sized Beam that our users have grown accustomed to will still be available here with the rest of our beams. Understandably users with a home gym setup may want to pursue one of these alternatives as well, given how they can facilitate from 3 to 15 different height settings. Bear in mind however that the kPulley Go would require at least one Beam Adapter for use with any of our beams. 


And last but not least, power rack owners should be happy to find a Rack Attachment Beam designed for racks with 3″ by 3″ tubing and 1″ holes among the aforementioned beams. While strapping may work well enough for some, we developed this beam with easy-to-use rack attachment locks for maximum security and stability.

As always we do our best to accommodate all of our users, so we hope that these latest updates end up maximizing when, where and how much strength training the kPulley Go can facilitate. Nevertheless, we’re always open to feedback and suggestions, so be sure to reach out to us with any requests you may have.

Exxentric's CEO Fredrik CorreaStay tuned for more anniversary celebrations!

Happy DOMS!

Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO

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