Giving Back to Local Sports Clubs: Where It All Started 

Ten years after founding the company that was once spawned in a local Ice Hockey club in Stockholm, Sweden, we continue to grow worldwide and make flywheel training accessible for all. As for the final celebration of our 10 year anniversary, we want to show our support for all the local clubs, schools, and their communities, and thus give back to where it all started. CEO Fredrik Correa tells his own story below:

21 years ago one of my struggles as an ice hockey coach for a junior elite team was our inability to be able to do serious strength training in our facility. We had no gym, only a few 1-inch bars and weights barely enough to do some curls and high pulls. 

During pre-season, we traveled across town to a gym and during in-season we couldn’t do any real strength training at all basically. This is when my GIH classmate and fellow ice hockey coach, Mårten Fredriksson, and I started to look into flywheel training. The resistance profile was perfect! Variable resistance and ability to do overload and could offer rehab, strength, and power training – all in one setup. 

Problem was, there was no multi-exercise device allowing for squats, deadlifts, rows, etc, only single exercise devices. For us, that meant investing our limited funds into implementing different devices in our daily training, and of course, we couldn’t afford that. That’s how we realized we had to create one and this eventually led to the start of Exxentric in 2011

Another 10 years later many teams still have the same struggle as we initially had, how can we fit serious strength training into our program all year round? If you, like me, are a coach who struggled to get strength training into your athletes’ training, then let me introduce you to flywheel-based devices. With flywheel, you can load players at an early age – safely. There’s a better alternative to weight training that will keep your athletes injury-free and fast track their strength development and it’s called flywheel training. 

  • Flywheel training enables junior athletes to train with different inertia, independently of their strength or technique.
  • Our devices introduce safe eccentric overload to youth training to prepare your athletes for eccentric loads like landings and change of direction.
  • Optimized team training with devices that allow for a quick and easy switch between users and exercises.
  • Many ergonomic advantages, like noiseless and mobile devices that easily fit into a gym, PE area, locker room, and even on the pitch. 
  • Monitor and measure your athletes’ progress over time, effort, and power output through the kMeter feedback system.
  • Multi-exercise devices optimized for over 30-40 vertical and horizontal exercises that target the core, upper and lower body.

Adoption among the elite and pro teams has been great and thanks to that Exxentric managed to grow significantly and sold its products in 70+ countries.  Exxentric is in a position today that allows us to do a small contribution back to where it all started, to the coaches and teams struggling with that same problem. Because now we have the solution.

Awarding 15,000 EUR

We are now approaching the end of our 10-year anniversary celebration. To celebrate this milestone one final time, we are donating a total of 15,000€ worth of flywheel training equipment to local sports clubs and sports teams within schools. We want to give back to sports clubs coaches’ that are struggling with strength training – as we once did.

Find out how you can enlist your local club for a chance to win below:


Exxentric's CEO Fredrik Correa


Happy DOMS!

Fredrik Correa, M.D., CEO

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