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Biceps curls

Biceps curls are often joked about and there are for sure plenty of gym goers wasting hours and hours doing curls at the mirror. Nevertheless, the arms do belong to the body and in a general strength program arms need their work too and so the biceps curl has its place.

With flywheel training on the kBox the biceps curls are a great exercise, to begin with and get used to the principles of flywheel training. It’s also one of those exercises where you can do all four types of eccentric overload and this also makes it a good exercise, .

With a dumbbell, you have a very short lever (and low momentum) in the beginning and the end of the curl and the culprit in the movement is when the arms are at 90 deg. This makes it difficult to get an even load and high tensile force during the movement. This problem is non-existent on the kBox thanks to the variable resistance.


Use the kBar och kGrip accessories. Do traditional CON-ECC curl with high tension all through the range of motion (ROM) all the way to the top.

Use legs in early CON phase to overload the ECC phase (overloaded concentric action) or use delayed eccentric action, isolated lateral overload or CLAC to get different variations of overload. The shift between grips, do hammer curls or reversed grips curl. With maximal biceps CLAC you realise this is no longer a biceps-only exercise but a really challenging strength exercise from the waist and up.


With the variable resistance, independent of the lever you get a high momentum and mechanical stress all throughout the motion with the following increase in strength in all angles and a higher degree of hypertrophy compared to traditional weights where the strength increase has its maximum around 90 degrees.


Isolated for finishing off your biceps in a bodybuilding program or for the dynamic CLAC for total upper body strength, or why not as a part of a HIIT routine working through all of your body. The kBox makes the best out of this loved-hated exercise. Try it!

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